Our principles

Our principles can be summed up in the following points:

  • Our organization is open, secular, apolitic and non-profit. Our goal is to help those in need, prominently by providing them with a plate of food. We can go on thanks to the help of individuals and companies.
  • Unemployed people, lawyers, business owners, retired people, housewifes, grandparents, granchildren, single parents, married people, divorced people, public servants… in conclusion, we have very different people from every social, economic and political class, working together everyday to prepare meals with what we receive to anyone who visits our stand. Those are our volunteers.
  • We work 365 days a year to provide for people who live in the street or in very precaurious conditions.
  • Our plans and expectations were small at first. But after all this time, the situation has changed radically. We have more volunteers than ever, and we hand out meals to more people than ever. Our stand has been enlarged and improved. All this, thanks to all the help and work done by those involved with this organization (direction, volunteers, protectors…)