Christmas Eve Charity Menu

We serve over 2,500 people daily, providing them with breakfast, lunch and dinner. Besides, when there are enough donations, we provide them once a month with basic food like milk, sugar, oil, etc- all those items we fill our shopping cart with.
Any help is welcome, because, for example, we spend 120 liters of milk daily.
As Christmas approaches, we intend to serve a special dinner on Christmas Eve, so we have ordered 3000 meals in a total of 30 steakhouses (“Asadores de pollo”) around the city of Málaga.
The menu consists of half a roasted chicken with garnish, omelette (“tortilla de patatas”). On top of that, we also distribute a lot of food in the morning of December 24th.
We attach a list of the establishments that collaborate with us. If you find yourself nearby any of them, the only thing you have to do is just pay for a menu or simple contribute with any amount you have in mind. The price of the menu is 6 euros. The steakhouses (Asadores de pollo) will deliver all the food mentioned above in the morning of December 24th.
If for some reason, none of the establishments are near you, you can also make a donation to the following bank account UNICAJA 2103 3034 41 0010031355, for this Christmas campaign.
Please, do not hesitate to contact us again by email, telephone or Facebook if more questions raised up.
Thanks again.