Christmas Eve Charity Menu

We serve over 2,500 people daily, providing them with breakfast, lunch and dinner. Besides, when there are enough donations, we provide them once a month with basic food like milk, sugar, oil, etc- all those items we fill our shopping cart with. Any help is welcome, because, for example, we spend 120 liters of milk […]

To Image a Future

One more year we began our campaign to collect school supplies for the children of families in need. As you know, the public administrations have designed aid to cover the costs that correspond to the books, while the materials remain outside of these aids. These expenses are a major setback in any economy, so we […]

Family Soup Kitchen

From Angeles Malagueños de la Noche we are always looking for new initiatives to benefit our users. The people who come daily to our dining room have made us aware of the need that is presented to many families once the school period ends, as they end the school dining and not all schoolchildren have the […]

Presentation of the book “Poesía a los Ángeles”

  The next day May 25 at 19:30 at Sociedad Económica Amigos del País located in Plaza de la Constitución Nº 7, will be the presentation of the book “Poesía a los Ángeles.” The book includes poems by different authors, the representation of the different paintings donated to the association belonging to various artists from […]

Can you help us with breakfast?

We need milk, juices, sugar, muffins, tuna, oil, soluble coffee, cocoa … We are short on stock to serve full breakfasts. We prepare 200 breakfasts daily and need help to continue to do so. You can bring your donations to our Soup Kitchen at Calle Fuentecilla nº 2-4, 29007 Málaga in the morning, or you can […]

Concert for the benefit of Angeles Malagueños de la Noche

Another year, the Musical Group Cortijo de la Duquesa organizes this meeting of Traditional Music for the benefit of our association with the intervention of the Choir of Father Terry (San Estanislao College of Kostka), the Grouping Vocal Pan con Aceite and the Cuarentuna of Marbella. The recital will take place at the Teatro Alameda […]

Charity Lottery

From our organization, Ángeles Malagueños de la Noche, we have a lot of day to day payments to be able to carry out our humanitarian work and keep providing food for those in need (electricity, running water, gasoline for the vans, food, property rent, construction payments, etc.), more so with the new meal center that opens on […]

Opening Ceremony of New Meal Center

After a lot of hard work, perseverance and help from individuals and companies, we finally have a date for the Opening Ceremony of the biggest meal center for people in need in Málaga. The Opening Ceremony will take place on Saturday, May 14th, 2016, at 7:30pm, in Calle Fuentecilla. It is a meal center for the People of […]

Campaign “Chairs for the Angels”

You can contribute by donating the equivalent of a chair (€30) or a table (€67), and in exchange we will put a nameplate with your name in it, so that people can see you helped us. You can do it via Paypal. First choose whether you would like a chair or a table, and then […]

New year, new logo

As some of you may have noticed, we have updated our logo at the begining of 2016. The decision was taken at the end of 2015, and implemented this year. We wanted to use a logo that was simple, and easily identifiable at any size (very important for social media). The final result is this: […]

Wishes for 2016

From Ángeles Malagueños de la Noche, we would like to wish you all a happy 2016.   We would like to thank each and every one of those involved with us in 2015. Either as a volunteer, donating food, as a sponsor, or simply participating in any of the many events we have planned during […]

3rd Charitable Backpack

Every year Club de Atletismo Primeguis organizes a charitable march to collect food and toys for our organization: the 3rd Charitable Backpack. The event takes place from Chiringuito El Corral de la Pacheca to our stand. Every participant carries a backpack full of food and toys to donate to Ángeles Malagueños de la Noche. They […]

2015 “No child without a toy” campaing

Christmas is a very special time for everyone, especially for children. However, in nowadays crisis, many families cannot afford to buy their children presents for Christmas. Our organization wants to help those families by starting, as every year, our campaign to collect toys so that no children, regardless of their social and economic situation, celebrates […]

2016 Humanitarian Firefighters Calendar

The 2016 Humanitarian Firefighters Calendar is here! Members of Málaga’s Fire department have decided to contribute to our cause by posing as models for the 2016 humanitarian calendar. All the funds collected by this calendar will go to our organization. From our non-profit organization, we would like to thank all those firefighters who have decided […]